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Our New York based office conducts Computer Science R&D and internal product development for fun and profit. We also selectively provide external consulting to help organizations solve their algorithmic & mathematical challenges and put the solutions into production.

Wellposed Technology

Our current in progress product is a next generation set of high level, high performance (yes, both!) tools for numerical computation, data analysis, and mathematical modeling written in the fast, compiled, statically typed language Haskell.

We have some other interesting technology further along the pipeline as well, stay tuned!

Wellposed on the web

You can find us at


If you'd like to learn more about Support, Commercial versions, or Professional Services around Wellposed tools, please do not hesitate to reach out at our . Carter will reply somewhat promptly.

About Wellposed

Wellposed is the vehicle for Carter Schonwald's industrial work and mission of building better tools for sophisticated problem domains.

He tweets, he writes tolerable code and occasionally blogs!